Patrick and Ines Mitchel

Patrick grew up in 1st Holywood congregation and trained in London Bible College where he met his wife, Ines. They have been involved in theological education and church development in the Republic of Ireland for the last 30 years. For most of that time Patrick has been involved in the development and growth of the Irish Bible Institute first in Co.Tipperary and now in Dublin city centre where he is Director of Studies and lecturer in theology. IBI trains men and women for Christian ministry and mission in Ireland and Patrick loves teaching the Bible and working with students.

They have two grown-up daughters; Ciara and Catriona. All the Mitchel family have greatly enjoyed being part of the beginning and development of  Maynooth Community Church, a new church plant congregation of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland: Patrick as an elder, Ines in pastoral and women's ministries and the girls as part of the worship team.

A few of things the family love doing in their spare time include swimming (Ines) music and art (Ciara and Catriona) and golf (Patrick). Patrick also writes and in 2019 IVP published The Message of Love in the Bible Speaks Today series. Patrick values his links with Bangor Road and enjoys visiting from time to time. 

To find out more about Patrick and his work read his blog